Summit Neurologic Home Care

Summit Neurologic Home Care

At Summit Neurologic Home Care, we provide specialized care and to our patients in order to promote their independence, which in turn improves their quality of life. Our organization works as a comprehensive and interdisciplinary unit, consistently collaborating and communicating from the moment we receive a referral to discharge and/or transition to the next level of care. Our Neurologic Division operates with 3 clear goals in mind: improve our patient’s independence, decrease caregiver burden, and decrease the rate and risk of readmission. We steadily refer back to these goals throughout each plan of care, ensuring that they align with our patient’s treatment. Provided below is our interdisciplinary model of care, which demonstrates the value each discipline brings to our organization, but also the collective value the comprehensive nature of our operation brings to our patients.

Our clinicians are highly-skilled and comprehensively trained in neurorehabilitation. We provide diagnosis-based treatment techniques, modalities, and care plans. Our clinicians understand that each neurologic or neurodegenerative diagnosis requires a complementary treatment plan, and we provide this in the patient’s home environment. We view both our patients and our physicians as our customers. Specifically for our physicians, we manage their patients home care for them by completing paperwork, ordering DME, and assisting in locating appropriate skilled nursing facilities if necessary. We understand the value-based system that all healthcare organizations and providers are now functioning under. As such, we meticulously collect and analyze outcome data regarding patient care to continue to improve as an organization. This aligns seamlessly with our patient goals. Above all, we provide specialized care to our patients, and we do so to allow them to return home and remain home.

Predictive Analytics

We use predictive analytics to reduce hospital readmissions. Real-time analysis of contributing variables allows us to proactively address patient care issues immediately. We operate at one-third of the national average.

Professional Training

We work directly with physicians to develop clinical pathways. We then train our clinicians on physician preferred processes to streamline communications and ultimately improve the patient experience.

Customer Focused

We offer a world-class customer experience. Our growing team of Community Liaisons fulfill this promise by serving as a single point of contact for patients and the physicians. This model reduces unnecessary routine phone calls to physician offices by over 30%.

World Class

We offer world-class clinical care. We bring the specialty care model to home care with focuses in orthopedics, neurology, infusion, Assisted Living / Independent Living, and cardiology. We are a clinician-owned and managed business—we value personalized care.

On Call 24/7

We see patients within 24 hours of the request. Our nurses are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We employ over 400 clinicians across the state to serve your patients quickly.

Culture of Excellence

We thrive on a culture of excellence. Our culture of accountability allows us to attract and retain high quality clinicians. Patients will receive the specialty care they need as soon as they need it.

Get In Touch

Our friendly, professional, and conscientious clinicians make all the difference. Summit has a strong culture of excellence and accountability which is personified by our people. Let us show you how good your health care at home experience can be. Call us and let your physician and hospital discharge planner know that you choose Summit Home Care!
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